Our Mission


Faming Technologies is founded with the mission to develop

infrastructure products for the convergence of Telecommunications

and IP technologies. Our innovations include


     Patented infrastructure building block technology that

enables cost-effective, efficient, and robust solutions for

architects and developers to create distinguishing products


     Scalable, high-capacity, and programmable architecture

that provides instant platforms for developers to implement

and customize new products


     Deterministic and dynamic provisioning which support

multiple classes of multimedia services


     Intelligent control and management feature to enhance

network robustness while greatly reducing IT management and

operating costs


Our Goals


In the short term, we lay out the charter for advancing optical switching

and core routing technologies and provide last mile solutions to the

end-users. For long term, we plan to develop infrastructure building blocks

with our advanced patented designs. We hold the belief that in the future,

Internetworking will be the dominating principle for telecommunications.

Thus our focus is on the support and advancement of multivariate services

that will be propagated over the IP transport. Our ultimate goal is to

develop product that are cost-effective, robust, and easy to deploy and


Vertical Solutions


We specialize in the fundamental infrastructure of embedded systems.

Our design Will enable the construction of wide range of vertical products:


     Optical Switches


     High-Capacity Core Routers


     Optical On/Off Ramps


     Edge Devices


     Switch Fabrics


     Line Cards